Consider an area of Sydney that is considered an “Entho-burb”. Look up its history and current “Ethic entrepreneurship,’ and think about whether it is more than an ethic enclave.

When considering the area of Sydney which is a city rich with diversity, the suburb Cabramatta, stands out the most. Cultural heritage is developed in this community and, “Rather than assimilate and hide their cultural differences away… they were asked to reveal it and put it on view” (Ang I, 2016, p.258).  This suburb is a network of one’s culture and entrepreneurship in an area where a different culture is predominant. Through this hyperlink, you can see a visual of the different ethnicities that makeup sydney, and practically Cabramatta…   

Cabramatta in Sydney, Australia has a strong East Asian community as it has started to come more dominant than the Australian culture that used to be there. Cabramatta used to be an improvised city infested with drugs. It has now developed into a “ethno-burb” of East Asian people and a tourist attraction (‘Holiday in Little Sagion, 2012, p.72). Immigrants moved into Cabramatta because it is affordable and this caused a decrease in violence within the city. As criminals and drug attics move out, many businesses started flowing in as tourists were attracted to the Asian culture. The commissioner praises officers after crime stats release,” decrease in crime in Cabramatta, where armed robbery has dropped by 58 percent” (AAP General News). The immigration of East Asians transformed Cabramatta from a violent culture into a peaceful one.

photo of red paper lanterns
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Cabramatta is more than just an ethnic enclave, because of the massive impact the Asian culture had on the suburb’s living conditions. Instead of just having a concentration of Asian people in a suburb, the “Asian culture snaking through the parallel threads of poverty and crime…” transformed Cabramatta into a new friendly atmosphere (‘Holiday in little saigon’, 2012, p.72). The Asian network spread into Cabramatta’s workforce, drawing tourist’s attention so they can see a little piece of Asia in Australia. An ethic enclave is a concentration of a particular ethnic group in a community, however an entho-burb is when an ethnic group creates their own network that spreads to the community around them (Miles and Linling, 2017, p.84). Cabramatta has been transformed into a tourist attraction because of immigration and social change.

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